andrewjfitt-book-bio-photoAndrew J. Fitt lives on the edge of life, where he has conquered challenges and feasted on their remains. He has fought off sickness, death, defeat and lactose intolerance. As an artist and outgoing person, his goal is to become the first iconic crippled artist, thus surpassing one of his many heroes, Christy Brown. Andrew is still trying to prove apples are oranges, left is in fact right and that Pearl Jam are the rightful forefathers of grunge, not Nirvana. His long term goals are to move to New York, have an outstanding exhibition at the Met, meet an awesome girl, have kids, travel the world, die in New York and be cryogenically frozen and bought back to life to make a fresh start and to eat more bacon. Read an excerpt from “Aching To Be”

“Aching To Be”, Andrew’s story of growing up with cerebral palsy in St. Lucia and Trinidad, is now available for persons outside Trinidad on In Trinidad, it’s available at Paper Based Bookshop at Normandie Hotel, Caboodle Gifts on Long Circular Road, Maraval and Pop-In at Ellerslie Plaza or you can contact Andrew directly to get a copy.