Andrew J FittMy name is Andrew Fitt. I was born on the island of St. Lucia in 1973. My birth had complications, the result being Cerebral Palsy, which means that any fine motor skill is challenging.

To me, and many others, the meaning of life is creation, and how this is interpreted is entirely up to the artist. From as far back as I can remember the creative spark was always part of my being. I was always trying to draw and paint, to come up with a way to express myself, to literally leave my mark, wanting that very mark to remain long after my physical presence has moved on.

I admire a wide range of artists, both famous and unknown. I am inspired by a vast number of things which only increases on a daily basis. I have long been intrigued by how a piece of work is created, from the spark of a concept to the very last creative touch.

I taught myself how to use technology to create art. I refined my skill and built up a portfolio over a number of years, eventually applying to International Fine Arts College in Miami where I was accepted. Although I earned a degree in 3D Animation, I decided that I had a stronger interest in graphic/visual art.

I discovered Corel Painter while at IFAC. It enabled me to create my artwork on my terms, and allowed me to work with a diverse array of traditional media through digital means. It is an application that has infinite possibilities that have let me grow as an artist, and given me the opportunity to develop my skill over the years.

Art has given me a direction and place in life where I can leave my mark. I simply enjoy the work of creating a piece of art. I am an avid audiophile, and music has a heavy influence on me and the work that I create. It is strongly linked to my art, and provides me with enormous inspiration.

I have been exhibiting in Trinidad since 2000, with five one-man shows and a group exhibition. I exhibited ten pieces of work at the Art Fusion Gallery in Miami, which was part of Art Basel 2012.